What are the benefits of polarized sunglasses?

For many people, once they become users of sunglasses with polarized lenses, they can't go back to regular sunglasses without polarization.  But why?

Both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses provide UV protection and enhance visibility by creating some shade for your eyes, but polarized glasses have the added benefit of filtering reflected glare.  Reflected glare is the light bouncing off a surface.  Almost all surfaces reflect light but some are notorious for creating glare - think lakes, beaches, roads, or snow.  To our eyes this glare looks like an over exposed photo with washed out details.  By filtering surface glare, polarized lenses allow us to see details that otherwise couldn't be perceived in current lighting conditions.  

When I wear polarized lenses on the water it feels like I'm getting a higher definition image where every ripple is crisper to the eyes.  Depending on the waves and angle of the sun, polarized lenses also give me a lot more visibility below the surface water - this is one of the reasons why anglers and boaters feel polarized is a must; they can see below the surface. 

Hiking, Driving, Nordic Skiing - I definitely opt for polarized lenses in all of these situations.  I also find polarized lenses, by cutting out glare, provide more visual definition in general purposes situations.  Personally, it's all I wear because it gives me the regular benefits of UV protection & brightness reduction, but also gives the additional benefit of cutting out glare, which allows me to see details with more definition.

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