What Are the Best Sunglasses Under $50?

There are many variables when it comes to sunglasses: style, quality, prices, and more. Finding quality sunglasses that are stylish and performance-oriented can be difficult. Finding quality sunglasses that are stylish, performance-oriented, and under $50 can be darn near impossible. However, low price does not equal low quality, and Vigor Eyewear is proof of that. Our wide selection of stylish, athletic sunglasses features various pairs that cost under $50.

At Vigor Eyewear, We Never Sacrifice on Quality

Other brands might use cheaper materials, easily scratched lenses, or out-of-touch designs to lower the price. At Vigor Eyewear, we are committed to designing quality sunglasses that can be used for a variety of sports as well as for everyday use. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to see more clearly on the golf course, trails, baseball field, lake, or wherever your sense of adventure takes you.

To us, quality means sunglasses that do their job well, do their job well, and won’t let you down. Depending on the style, we use polarized or lumen lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection to reduce strain on your eyes and protect them. The lenses are also scratch resistant to always give you a clear field of vision.

The frames of our sunglasses are made with stainless steel and OptiFit technology so they are comfortable yet sturdy. No matter what moves you make, our sunglasses will stay where they are supposed to - they are designed to improve your performance, not inhibit it. 

While all of our sunglasses are slightly different, they are all made with quality in mind. One of the standouts is the new Mystic polarized shield sunglasses.

You'll Think Our Mystic Sunglasses are Magic 

Our sunglasses might have a low price, but that doesn’t mean that they are cheap. This is especially true for our Mystic polarized shield sunglasses. The shield design blocks out more of the sun’s rays, providing you with optimal protection and vision. This allows for enhanced performance while playing, no matter how bright the sun might shine. 

The Mystic’s polarized lenses eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters your eye, making your vision sharper and clearer. The sunglasses are currently available in two colors. There’s the polished navy and neon green frames with spectrum green lenses, as well as the polished neon yellow and black frames with crimson spectrum lenses. 

No matter which pair you wear, you will be well equipped to tackle your next adventure or your next opponent. 

Browse Vigor Eyewear's Collections of Sport Sunglasses

Athletes everywhere turn to our Sport Sunglasses to match their athletic spirit and take their performance to the next level. Quality construction and protective lenses combine into branded sunglasses that are some of the best around. Costing right around $50, Vigor Eyewear proves that we offer some of the best cheap sunglasses around that might be cheap in price but not in quality.

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