We’ve all been there. Standing at the rack in the shop, trying to figure out if polarized lenses are really worth the hype. What’s the difference, anyway? And is one really better than the other?


Polarized sunglasses from Vigor Eyewear, like the Summit, are designed to cut glare and reflection. When looking at sport-specific models, you’ll notice that Vigor’s frames are lightweight, so they won’t be a distraction while training. The lenses are curved, so distracting light won’t get in from the side. And to make sure they stay on your head when you’re active, they have a form-fitting shape. 

Running, Man

When you’re looking for the best running sunglasses, polarized sunglasses for men are the best option. When running in the city, with light bouncing off glass buildings, sidewalks, and signs, you’ll find it easier to see. These lenses also darken bright blue skies a bit, so you can be out in bright sunlight for longer without eye strain. Just don’t forget the sunblock. 

When looking for a pair of running shades, you want something made for action. Those fashion frames might look great standing still, but there’s a good chance they’ll fall off your face when you start picking up the pace. Vigor Eyewear makes a range of sport-specific sunglasses that are designed to stay on your face when you’re at your most active. They’re lightweight, too – making it easy to feel like they are not even there!

Made For This

To get your hands on a pair of polarized sunglasses, head to Vigor Eyewear’s online store where you’ll get 15% off your first order. 

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