If you enjoy surfing, fishing, or other water activities, you know how disruptive the glare reflected off the water’s surface can be. That glare can impair your vision or even leave you with eyestrain and a headache. Thankfully, Vigor Eyewear’s selection of polarized sunglasses includes pairs that are optimized for use on or nearby bodies of water. This includes one of our most affordable sport sunglasses, the sleek Boulder Polarized Sunglasses.

Boulder Sunglasses Have It All

Simply having polarized lenses isn’t enough. The colour of the lenses themselves is just as important. That’s why our Boulder sunglasses come in multiple colours to accommodate you and your adventures outdoors. If you’re going to spend several hours at the beach, we recommend our pair with slate-coloured lenses. Grey lenses are ideal for deep blue water, allowing you to look out on the ocean without completely straining your eyes.

Select the Right Lenses for Your Needs

If you plan on spending more time in shallow bodies of water, we recommend purchasing our Boulder sunglasses with sunset amber lenses. Amber lenses, along with copper and brown lenses, offer fantastic contrast and effectively filter out glare without impairing your vision. For low-light conditions, we suggest our Boulder sunglasses with crimson lenses. The crimson, like rose and yellow lenses, brighten everything up and improve your visibility. They’re perfect for those who enjoy fishing or going out for a peaceful walk around sunrise. 

Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before with Vigor

A pair of polarized sunglasses in the right colour could completely transform the way you fish, surf, and spend time at the beach. At Vigor Eyewear, we design our sunglasses with care so that they elevate all of your outings by the sea. We encourage you to place an order with us today to enjoy excellent prices, free shipping, a one-year warranty, and a money-back guarantee.

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