Matte Gold & Brown with Diamond Rose Polarized+ Lens
Matte Gold & Brown with Diamond Rose Polarized+ Lens
Matte Gold & Brown with Diamond Rose Polarized+ Lens

Abbey Polarized Sunglasses

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1 Year Warranty

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POV Polarized Sunglass Lens Technology

Every Vigor Eyewear Lens has been designed to be the most technological sunglass lens on the market. Our Polarized sunglass filter cuts out reflected glare so you can be at your uninhibited best. Individual coatings make the sunglass lens more durable while repelling anything that comes into contact, like sweat or dirt. Vigor’s POV polarized sunglasses lens provides 360 degree glare protection, ensuring light from any angle doesn’t impact your sport performance.

F3 Frame - Firm, Feather, Flex.

Sunglass frames that are too rigid or heavy stand in your way of you achieving your absolute best. F3 sunglass frame technology makes every pair of Vigor Eyewear the most comfortable pair of sunglasses you’ll ever wear, allowing you to perform at your highest level.



Optimized Fit… for whatever you do. Vigor Eyewear OptiFit Technology ensures the fit YOU want, YOU need, EVERY time you put them on. So comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing them, until you take them off.


Lens Width 49mm
Lens Height 61mm
Bridge Length 8.2mm
Arm Length 134.6mm


We design performance eyewear that enhances the human athletic spirit. Through superior technology and design, Vigor removes the mind’s natural distractions and inhibitors to allow you to play your best. To let you ‘PLAY HARDER’.